Saturday, November 7, 2015

Music-Let's Talk About It

So, I think we can all agree that music is the best. Good music speaks to you. It makes you smile. It teaches you something about yourself. It teaches you something about the world.

I've loved me some Country Music now for about 25 years. I remember when Billy Ray Cyrus (you know...Miley's dad) put out Achy Breaky Heart and loving it. It was 1992 and I was five.

Fortunately we've progressed past this song (and this hairstyle).

But I try hard not to stick to this one genre and love a variety of music. We all have those songs that take us back to prom night (hopefully not Barry White...) or to the summer of our junior year. For me those bands are Dashboard Confessional, Yellowcard, The Beatles, Fall our Boy and Green Day. I remember being on our senior trip in Europe and hearing Green Day everywhere we went. Europe loved them some Green Day.

I had friends who listened to different music than me and I learned to love Usher, Jimmy Eat World, Cake and The Killers because some great friends lent me their CD's. (Compact Discs...they used to be put into something called a CD player. It's a long story)

I am impressed by an artist that writes their songs. I feel like most anyone can sing (although not me) but it takes real talent to write. Because of this-Taylor Swift and Eric Church have been my top two artists now for a long time. Both of them have such incredible, incredible talent when it comes to writing. And they can sing pretty well too. Eric Church walks a fine line between country and classic rock and you don't hear that too much.

I've been to both of their concerts and they know how to entertain. Both were excellent.

I try to always keep an eye out for new music that I love and I'll mention a few now.

Chris Stapleton

If you happened to watch the CMA awards you might have noticed him singing with Justin Timberlake. What an AMAZING duo.  All you need to do to go from "who is he?" to being famous is sing with Justin Timberlake. Chris Stapleton gained 100k followers on Twitter within 12 hours.


Her hit Burning House, is what would happen if Adele went over to country. Beautiful. I look forward to hearing more from her.

Canaan Smith:

I love his style and really love that he is from Hampton Roads. His single in the video below talks about Virginia Beach!!

So who do you love? What's your favorite kind of music and what makes an artist "good"?


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