Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Be offended about something that really matters.

In the past three or four years it seems like America has become a nation that takes offense.

To everything.

I really don't remember this being an issue before that-do you? Maybe I just wasn't paying attention. I think a huge part of it is the internet, specifically social media, but I also think our attitude as a nation as shifted.

We are no longer that nation who comes together for a greater purpose. Fewer and fewer of us strive to understand where someone is coming from. The Greatest Generation is dying and their love of community is dying with them. We are a country that takes offense at everything because we feel like it is our right to have our voice be heard...slightly louder than every other voice.

When you are offended, you feel like you've been slighted. There is a place for righteous anger. There is a time for your to stand up for yourself, but there is also a line and we crossed that line a while ago.

I am offended by American's who close their eyes, ears, and hearts to the growing number of children and adults who are murdered throughout the world by organizations such as Isis.

I am offended by the number of refugees that have fled to our country and have no one to help them.

I am offended by American's who spend too much of their time looking for something to be upset about.

I am not offended by things that don't matter. There are far too many real problems in the world to spend my time worrying about things that don't matter, and there is far too little time.

If you're trying to figure out if it's worth being offended about...ask yourself one question:

"Am I offended because I feel like someone slighted ME, or am I offended because I am hurting for what someone else is going through"

Take a few minutes to write down 3 world problems that are offensive to you. (Start by thinking of a group of individuals who is being persecuted...legitimately persecuted)

Then take another few minutes to think about one way in which you can help with those problems in the next 7 days. Maybe you can donate your time or your money. Maybe you can share a link to the cause's website on your Facebook page so that others can learn about the problem too. Maybe you can pray for them.

And when your seven days are up. Do it again.

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