Monday, March 17, 2014

Ideas for your Toddler's Easter Basket

I always loved opening my Easter Basket as a kid. My mom always made her own Easter Baskets, none of those store bought baskets in our house! I am the same way. I'm excited about putting together Lilly's Easter basket this year and I want it to include a variety of items. Here are some good ideas I've found that I hope you enjoy as well! I'd love to implement all of these into Lilly's basket.

1. A Toy: Every kid wants a toy in their Easter Basket. Here is one option. Lilly's favorite saying right now is: "They Match!" She's also become quite addicted to The Cat in the Hat, (which I've now read 1 million times). So I think this will be an excellent option for her basket.

2. Candy: It is Easter after all. Kids need at least SOME candy. I would suggest purchasing some of those plastic eggs and filling them with Jelly Beans or Robin Eggs.

3. A Craft: Toddler's love crafts and I thought this one was adorable. You can put all the supplies into your little one's Easter Basket and then once they've opened it you can do the craft together. Fun!

4. Something Educational: I like the idea of a book, especially something that mentions the real meaning of Easter. Here is one option I found on Amazon:

Some other ideas could include: Side walk chalk, bubbles, crayons, or play dough. Hopefully this helps in your Easter Basket planning!

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