Thursday, December 12, 2013

Low Cost, DIY, Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

Lilly is at a great stage where she loves all gifts, and doesn't discriminate between the $200 gift and the $2 gift. So, a few of her gifts this year will be homemade, and I know she's going to just love them!

The Princess Gift:

Lilly LOVES Tutu's. So, on Black Friday I bought some tulle at $1 a yard and, using this tutorial I made her a hot pink tutu. I also found some dress up shoes (She loves trying on my shoes and walking around) at the Dollar Store. Total cost for the ensemble...$3

Another thing Lilly loves is play dough. I made some a while back but it has slowly disappeared. I found some play dough toys at Michael's on clearance for $2 and then made her a few more colors of play dough using this recipe. Total cost for the gift: $3

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