Thursday, September 12, 2013

The $45 Living Room Makeover

Here are some pictures of what my living room looked like a few days ago. The only difference is that we replaced the roman shades with plantation blinds a while ago. Other than that it looked like this. I once thought the mural was cool but now it looks a little 1970's. So, I wanted a change.

I chose a light green color to paint the walls. I also painted all the trim a bright white (it was an off white and looked dirty). Painting trim is one of m least favorite things to do. It's a sad truth about life, up there with the fact that Panera doesn't have a drive thru...and Chick-fil-a is closed on Sundays...

The other changes I made were moving the brown and red cabinet out and replacing it with the buffet that was in our dining room. It was kind of tight in the dining room and it looks much better out here. I really like the change.

The lamp on the buffet I purchased at an auction for $2. I loved the classic look of it, I bought the shade for $9.99 at Ross.

I also moved the three ceramic plaques from above the window to over the buffet. Then, since there wasn't any more orange in the room I changed the pillows and poppy seed picture out for green versions that we had in the guest room. (Our guest room is changing into a baby's room in the next few months so these items won't be missed)

So total costs:

Paint and paint brushes/roller: $33
Lamp: $12

Total cost:: $45!

I like how little clutter there is. It's definitely a more elegant and simple look but I like that. My nesting tendencies are taking over and I'm de-cluttering everything!

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