Sunday, September 15, 2013

My Taylor Swift Concert Experience

This weekend, me and 7 of my friends trekked to Charlottesville to see Taylor Swift in concert! It was such a great experience. I figured I'd write about it here for a few reasons:

1. Everyone is asking how it was and I figured it would be easier to just read about it here.
2. I know most people either love her or hate her and I figured this post would help you haters understand why she's cool :)

A few highlights:

  • I loved her humility and gratitude. I mean, she's pretty big and most people who've made it to that point probably don't feel like they need to be thankful or grateful etc.. She is not one of those people. For the first two minutes after she came on stage, she just stood there. Silently. She looked at everyone and her facial expression was like it was the first time she was ever on stage. A few times, it looked as if she was going to cry while everyone stood cheering and clapping. I realize that some of this is her being an excellent actress but I do believe there is a good bit of sincerity there and it's refreshing to see her humble attitude.
  • She really is talented. During the performance, she sang (all the songs which she wrote), played the guitar, banjo and piano. All was done beautifully.
  • She recognizes the diverse audience she is catering to. Before the concert, I imagined that the median age would be around 16. I was was more like 11. I was surprised to see so may young girls (Dressed in red party dresses of course) sporting signs and singing their lungs out. She has such a huge fan base that ranges from women in their 20's and 30's to young girls, to some men even (though they don't like to admit it...) During her set, she would take a few minutes to talk every three songs or so. At one point she mentioned some of the specific individuals in the crowd; a six year old girl who she noticed was singing every word at the top of her lungs, a group of 20's something girls who she claimed would need to get together with her later because she was dying to know where they picked up their outfits, and a guy who she noticed knew every word to every song...and she thought that was pretty impressive.
          One of her songs is entitled "Mean" and is about why people are so negative and mean. Before singing this song she mentioned that as a kid she couldn't wait to grow up because she wanted to get away from bullies. Unfortunately, she realized they never go away. But..she emphasized, it's important to remember how it feels to be bullied because you never, ever want to make someone else feel that way.  I could tell at this point that she realized that she was a role model to these young girls and she took her job seriously. 

Bottom line-good show. Well worth the money and I'd love to do it again. 

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