Thursday, September 5, 2013

Mountain Home Update

We spent our three day weekend in the mountains working on the new house. We got a lot done! John focused on fixing some rotten wood and de-molding (a word I just created) the basement. It is now mold, and must smelling free. We purcahsed a de-humidifier and it helped a lot as well.

Meanwhile, I focused on painting. I painted the kitchen a taupe color, it was boring white but since its such a small space I didn't want to use  a dark color. I also changed out the knobs on the cabinet doors. This was such an easy way to update the space. I cost about $60 and only took me about 20 minutes!

                                                          After                           Before

I also painted one of the bathrooms and cleaned it really well. The bathroom was REALLY dirty but cleaned up really well. Now its clean and fresh. We still need to replace the vanity and install the light fixtures and shower curtain rod. It was just white before, which resulted in a lot of boringness...white walls, off white shower, off white vanity, neutral needed some color!

I painted one of the bedrooms the same color as the bathroom. (I gallong of Valspar paint and primer in one goes a LONG way!) I wiped down all the trim in this room as well and ripped out the carpet and padding. Besides installing a new ceiling fan it's all ready for new carpet!'s coming together slowly. Next time we'll finish the bathroom, have the granite installed in the kitchen which will complete the kitchen, and rip out the rest of the carpet...

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