Friday, July 12, 2013

The same, yet different #2 is on it's way!

                                                   ETA: 2/1/14

I am now 11 weeks along and have noticed quite a few discrepancies between this pregnancy and my previous one...

1. Morning Sickness: I was sick with Lilly most mornings up until almost 20 weeks. This one is way worse. I have been sick probably 80% of the day..but not every day. Some times are actually fine. So fine, that one might think "it's over, things are looking up!" Don't be fooled...the next day it's back with all its fury. I'm sick in the evening, in the middle of the night and in the morning too. I am supposed to be pick up my perscription for some perscribed pills this afternoon...way excited about that.

2. Remember when Pam, from "The Office" is pregnant with her second child and mentions how everything is bigger the second time around? Well, she wasn't lying. I feel so much bigger than I did at this point the first time!

3. I have to pee every 45 minutes. I've clocked it. This didn't happen until the third trimester last go-round.

4. If it weren't for #'s 1-3 I would completely forget I was pregnant. With Lilly, it was something that was always in the back of my mind, always one thought away...I'm going to have a baby! This time...I find myself thinking, "why do I feel so bad!?" and a minute later... "oh yea!!" Not sure if this called pregnancy brain or just denial...

But one thing is the same...we are very excited and looking forward to finding out the gender of this little peanut :)


  1. You're so funny. And don't even talk about big! You're half the size of most women, pregnant or not!

    So sorry about the nausea, though. No fun!

  2. Feel better lindsey