Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Easter Dress

Yesterday turned out not how I thought it would. Normally on Mondays I work all day and Lilly gets to hang out with her BFF for the morning and her grandma in the afternoon. But...when I went to wake her up she was groggy, week and so so tired. I kept a close eye on her but let her sleep and finally around 11:00 she woke up! We ate lunch and she was in a great happy mood and so I decided to go into work for a little bit. She fell asleep on the way there (and slept from 12:30-2:00!) And was great the rest of the day. I think she was just all tuckered out from the crazy busy weekend we had.

Anywho...all of her sleeping allowed me the time to sew her an Easter dress...which I didn't think would actually happen.

I purchased two coordinating 1/2 yards of fabric from Joanne's a while back. With my coupon I ended up paying $2.50 for both 1/2 yards.

I used one of the fabrics for the dress and the other for the trim and "belt". I like how it's "Eastery" but not what you'd expect all at the same time. the strip of yellow down the front has four pleats in it and there is a zipper in the back.

Doesn't she look cute!

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