Thursday, March 28, 2013

Saving money time!

Here is a site I've come across lately that has some awesome and adorable deals, thought I'd share the fun :)


This site has some great deals! From socks to jewelry to tablets to furniture. You name it, they probably have it...some of my favorites on there right now:
Six pack of designer tights for $15!
 12 Long solid colored tank tops for $29 in assorted colors! That comes to  about $2.25 a tank top!!

What else is great about this site is that shipping is $2 an item, no matter what the item. But frequently they will send you emails about special daily deals. I received two emails was a $10 off coupon and one was for limited time free shipping. I purchased the six pack of stocking in the picture above for only $5...and free shipping!! SCORE!

So, check it out. They didn't pay me to write this I just really like their site :)

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