Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New Curtains...for a New Bedroom

I mentioned last week that I'm in a 'change things up' mood as far as our house goes. The most current task-our bedroom.

Here are a few photos of what our bedroom looked like yesterday:

Yep, a giant yellow blob. There was a time when I thought that yellow was wonderful, but alas, I've moved on. 

While lying in bed a few nights ago the proverbial light-bulb went off and I had an epiphany...Coral!

I wanted to do something with coral, but also wanted the end result to be a little more neutral than the current attack of the yellow monster effect. 

I looked high and low for some curtains but couldn't find ANYTHING with coral in them. I did find a few that I liked ok but nothing that I loved, and nothing with coral. So I headed to the fabric store.

I found this fabric and absolutely fell in love with it.

So yesterday I made four panels and hung them. I love that when you make something rather than buying it you can guarantee that it is the perfect length..AND you get exactly what you wanted, no compromising. 

Here are the finished curtains on one of the windows. I think they make the room look taller somehow! Keep in mind that the wall color will be changing to a neutral off white/tan color. 

So, the curtains ended up being cheaper than what I could find in the store...and I like them so much more! I was also able to make some coordinating throw pillows to match...more on that later.

So stay tuned for more.. left to do is:
  • Paint
  • Bedding
  • Lamp
  • Artwork
  • ...

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