Thursday, January 17, 2013

How to wear it: The Mini Skirt!

So yesterday I was backed into at a stoplight by someone who decided he wanted to change lanes and backed up without thinking that there might be someone behind stuff. Especially considering my beautiful new car was one week old...

So, by the end of the day and after talking with the insurance company, police officer etc...I was ready for some retail therapy!

I ended up at my favorite thrift store and spent $8...on 8 things!

One of these things was a corduroy skirt that I thought looked a little long. I was planning on coming home and shortening it but then when I tried it on I realized that it wasn't actually long it was just made in the 90's which meant it came all the way up to my belly button! So, what I thought was a skirt that would end around my knee, was actually a mini skirt-which is exactly what I was planning to turn it into!

Now that leggings are popular I love me some mini skirts. This particular one is a green corduroy, which I paired with a black top, black boots and black leggings. Not too bad for $.99 right?

Mini skirt outfit

Thrift store finds

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  1. LOVE the look and thrifting!!!!!! Found you at 36th Ave party. New follow. Follow me back