Tuesday, November 27, 2012

How to Save on Christmas

I thought I'd share a few Christmas saving tips today. At a time when it is so easy to spend spend spend, every little bit can help right?

1. Kohl's Cash: Believe it or not Kohl's cash can be purchased on E-bay! Kohl's cash is basically a gift card that can only be used at Kohl's. Shoppers who receive this 'cash' after making a big purchase at Kohl's will sell it on E-bay for a discount. I bought $30 in Kohl's cash yesterday for only $23, which is 24% off! Next, wait for a good deal, or for something to go on sale and then pounce, you can end up making out really well. (For example, I believe their Keurig's are on sale this week, combine the sales price with the savings you made on the Kohl's cash and then add in an online discount code and you've got yourself a deal!

Christmas Savings

2. Homemade Gifts: Check out my post on some great homemade gifts that will save you some dough (Click Here)

How to save on Christmas

Looking for an easy, low cost gift? Check out my handmade scarves....only $4.99!

3. Ebay: Ebay has a lot more to offer...did you know you can buy gift cards on there? If you have someone on your list that you were planning on getting a $25 starbucks gift card for you can usually snag it on Ebay for about $22...not a huge savings but $3 is $3! (You can also typically find Starbucks gift cards at Costco or Sams for a deal as well..such as a four pack of $25 gift cards for only $80)

4. Consignment Shopping: Lilly is in need of some clothes this Christmas. I went to my favorite children's consignment shop yesterday and found her some adorable stuff, some with the tags still on! Specifically, I found these adorable Gymboree shoes for $6, tags still on them...new $22!

How to save on Christmas

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