Monday, November 19, 2012

How to make your bedroom bigger!

I've been growing tired of the setup in our master bedroom. Just like cleaning out your closet is a more frugal alternative to going shopping; rearranging a room is always a first step before new paint or new bedding. 

Originally, I had the bed flat against the wall with a nightstand on one side and a chair on the the other. 

Master Bedroom Rearrange

By moving the bed so that it was in the corner and removing the chair (that we never used) I feel like the whole room opened up.  The picture below is from the same location as the one above but just look at all the extra floor space now. The room looks so much bigger!

Rearranging furniture

So, before painting your walls or buying new curtains, try to move the furniture around a bit. It might surprise you how much of a difference it makes.


  1. So true! I used to rearrange furniture once every couple months! Then I married a man who, once the furniture is placed, does not like for it to be moved ... ever. :) I still do it, but not as frequently, and he puts up with it when I do.

    1. I am in a similar situation...John walked in and just stared and said nothing haha.

  2. I love seeing beds in the corner, something different. I really like changing my furniture around often. I am a new follower after finding you through a linky party. I hope that you will stop by my site if you get a chance.

  3. Great idea! I get lazy about changing my furniture around but my mom used to do it all the time!