Thursday, November 8, 2012

Belated Halloween Party Photos

We had a Halloween Party this year and I'm behind in posting the photos from it. Better late than never though right? It was a costume party and it was so fun to see everyone dressed up...some really clever costumes showed up!  I, of course, didn't get pictures of all of them :( I'm horrible when it comes to picture these are a few...

I was red riding hood, seen below but missing my picnic basket...
Red Riding Hood Costume

Our friends Jesse and Craig were pirates :)
Couples Pirate Costume

Andrea and Ryan...or should I stay Angela and on right?!
Dwight and Angela Office Costume

Chris and Suzie were Mary Poppins and Bert
Mary Poppins and Bert Costume

Here's a better picture of Bert
Mary Poppins and Bert Costume

Ben was our token lumberjack
Lumberjack Costume

Hannah made a great princess Leia
Princess Leia Costume

Brendan = intense Batman costume 
Batman Costume

And John went as Superman
Superman Costume

Amy was a 'Pink Lady' from Greace (the movie not the country)
Pink Lady Greece Costume

And Tim and Christine came as Finn and Jake (which is a cartoon on Cartoon Network)
Finn and Jake Costume

Everyone had fun and it was neat to let loose and dress up. What were you for Halloween?

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  1. Cute! But do you mean the '70s classic Grease? ;)

    1. Haha, yes. I try to misspell at least one word in each post to keep my readers on their toes :)

  2. what a fun halloween you must have had! i love the mary poppins duo!