Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Making a Cape Tutorial

Part of my halloween costume involves a cape and so I whipped one up yesterday. Below are some step by step instructions on how to make one


  • 1-2 yards of material depending on how long you want your cape
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine

how to make a cape
  • First you are going to cut out your hood. To do this you'll cut out a rectangle from your fabric that is 30" x 15" The picture above shows my hood piece all cut out.
  • Next you are going to cut out your main cape piece of material. The length will depend on how long you want your cape to be. I wanted mine to go to the floor so my length was the measurement from my shoulders to the floor. The width was 34 inches because that is all I had left to work with on my fabric. The wider you go, the more 'flowy' it'll be. 
  • Now sew a single straight line across the top of your cape piece and then pull the back-stitch slowly so that it 'ruffles' - see the picture below.

cape tutorial

  • Using pins, attach your cape to the 30 inch portion of your hood. (front to front) Because these two pieces are different lengths, you'll need to scrunch the cape down to 30 inches by pulling the back-stitch. Once they are the same length, pin them together. Then sew.
  • Finally, you're going to add two ties to each side of the cape, right below the hood. I simply cut out to strips of the same material and sewed them onto the cape.
And you're done! Not too difficult at all. The rest of my costume isn't totally completed yet and so I'm saving the "finished product" pictures until that is stay tuned. Until then, here are some pictures of other completed capes so that you can see how it is supposed to look. 

How to make a cape

These images are from the tutorial I started with which can be found here.

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