Thursday, October 25, 2012

Some (P) inspiration...

Still working on the Halloween costume, and don't want to post anything more until it's complete...which hopefully will be soon...

In the meantime I've been doing some serious browsing on Pinterest  We are thinking about purchasing a mountain home that has 4 very small guest bedrooms upstairs. I've been looking through Pinterest  trying to get some ideas on how to decorate a small guest room and here are some of my favorite pins. (Click on the photos to see the original link)

                                                     Small bedroom. Perfect as a guest room? :)

I love how this bed makes such a big statement but at the same time doesn't overpower the room. I also love the coral and aqua color combination.

Cottage Guest Room

What an amazing use of space?! I think kids would just love sleeping here, don't you?! (or maybe adults too)

cottage guest room

This was actually a room done on "Sarah's House" on HGTV (Love that show!) I love the  bedding and how it works with the quilt on the wall.

Small Guest Room

I get the impression that this room is really small, but they did a great job utilizing the space, the colors are great too.

Which one is your favorite? Do you have a small room that needs decorating?


  1. I like the bunkbeds. It's a great use of the (small) space, and the design accounts for guests with children who might want to be in the same room with their parents (when sleeping somewhere that is not home).

  2. I need to spend some time on Pinterest researching ideas for my middle boys' bedroom. I love the built-in bunk bed idea, though we have to deal with the pitch of the roof.