Monday, October 1, 2012

Elastic Skirt Tutorial

Elastic Band Skirt

Hope everyone had a great weekend! We sure did, nice and relaxing...which is rarity in our household so it was very much enjoyed! Part of the weekend was spent whipping out this easy elastic skirt. The tutorial is below.

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I started out with 2 yard of fabric from my wonderful sponsor: Skye Reve Fabrics, the specific fabric I used can be found here

After measuring my waist, I cut a 2 inch wide elastic band the length I need (and added 1/2 inch) Then I sewed the two ends together to form a tube.

Next, I folded my two yards of fabric in half so that it was 72x22 and cut. Now I have two pieces that are 72x22 which is enough for two skirts!

 Then I ironed the top down across the whole 72 inches down by about 1/2 an inch. I then sewed a simple stitch (using the longest stitch length I could) and pulled the back stitch so that the skirt gathered at the top. The picture below shows the gathered stitch. You will need to go slowly here as you pull because you don't want your thread to break. It's a tedious process but the rest of the skirt is fairly simple so its worth it.

Once the skirt was gathered enough that it was the same width as my elastic band I pinned the two together (elastic band behind the material) and sewed! Then I used my iron to do a double fold along the bottom of the skirt and sewed that together...and that was it!

Elastic Band Skirt Tutorial

Easy Skirt Tutorial

I love how it turned out! What a great material for fall don't you think!?


  1. Cute skirt! I want to make one. Thanks for the tutorial. I'm saving this one for later :)

  2. This is cute for fall. I've made a couple easy skirts similar to this but with only one yard of fabric (, which makes for great spring and summer skirts, but now I want to make one like yours!

    Bonny @

  3. Looks great! I love that outfit for fall and the fabric is very cute!

  4. A great looking skirt with fabric that looks just right for Fall. I would love you to share this at our ongoing linky that's just for Womens' Skirts...

  5. Cool! Just created my first elastic waisted skirt out of denim. Neat to see your version! Very cute. Easy Denim Skirt for the Beginner Sewist

    1. For some reason, that link's not working. Here:

  6. This is so simple and so cute!! I bet is comfy too!! Thank you for stopping by and linking up at our Stop, Look, and Link party this week! Hope to see you next week! <3