Friday, September 28, 2012

My Attempt at Cake Pops

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Now onto the fun stuff...I attempted cake pops yesterday and was somewhat satisfied with how the turned out. You live you learn right? I started out by baking a butter pecan cake in a 9x13 pan.

Chocolate covered cake pops

Cake Pops

Once the cake was finished I crumbled it up into a large bowl and added 1/3 of the tub of icing to it using my hands. I think I could have used more icing and the next time I make these I probably will use about 1/2 of the tub rather than just 1/3.

After the icing and cake were well mixed I started forming balls. You will probably be able to get about 30 balls from one cake mix

Next I melted chocolate using a double broiler. (one sauce pan filled with water and a smaller sauce pan sitting over own classy cheap version of a double broiler)

If I were doing this again I would have done the chocolate melting differently. It's more important to have something that's deep rather than wide so that you can dip the entire cake ball into the chocolate. Since my sauce pan wasn't very dip I ended up rolling the balls rather than dipping and it was difficult to get chocolate on the tops of them.

First I dipped my straws (I had these left over from Lilly's birthday party and had cut them in half for this) into the chocolate and then stuck them into the cake ball. Then I stuck them in the freezer  This way your straw won't come out of the ball when you dip it into the chocolate because it is "attached" to the cake with the chocolate seal.

Cake Pops with paper straws

Once the "seal" is frozen I dipped the cake balls into the chocolate and made sure all sides were coated. Because I didn't want my chocolate to crack I stuck them in the fridge rather than the freezer until they were hard. Here's how they turned out

Have y'all ever made cake pops? Any tips you learned along the way?

Chocolate covered cake pops


  1. I tried to make cake balls for Christmas last year and oh they did NOT turn out! LOL. They were delicious but just not pretty! I tried the chocolate dipped stick trick but no matter what my cake balls just fell off.

    We ate them anyway, ugly or not!

    Following from Blissful and Domestics blog hop

    1. Yea, I had some trouble with some as well...I guess I'll have to try different techniques in order to perfect it. Thanks for following!

  2. I just bought some cake pop pans from Bed Bath and Beyond (use the 20% coup!). I have not tried it yet!!! I soooooooo want a cake pop now!! I bet yours was yummy!! :)

    Following from the blog hop!

    1. Good luck, let me know how it goes and thanks for following!

  3. I've made "truffles" which are very similar to cake pops. And they're SO easy to make, but also pretty bad for you! However, I made them a lot last year and everyone thought that I had slaved over them. Here's the link:

    You can essentially do any flavor you want, though. And you can mix up which dipping chocolate you use.