Thursday, September 27, 2012

Meal Planning! 30 days of meals at $1.51 per meal!!

Monthly Meal Planning
I've got exciting news!!! I just finished an E-Book entitled:

Thirty Days of Meals: Recipes, What to Buy,Where to Shop

Basically this E-Book provides you with everything you'll need to plan out a month of meals. I have included
  • All the meals for the month (90 meals total for breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • All the shopping lists you'll need (two total: one for the grocery store and one for a bulk store such as Sam's or Costco).
  • How much each item will cost and then the total cost for the month based on your two grocery visits. 
  • All the recipes you'll need for the month are also included in the E-Book.
What's great about this book is that the recipes work well together. It was my goal to provide recipes that are healthy, easy, and work off of one another with the idea that by the end of the month you'll have used all your item and won't have a lot left over. (or that will eventually go to waste as so often is the case)

Being able to grocery shop once per month allows us the opportunity to stay organized and save money! If you follow the 30 Days E-Book then your cost per meal will only come to about $1.51 per person!!

The E-Book is designed for a family of four, two adults and two children but regardless of how many are in your family it is definitely a good starting point for monthly meal planning.

It is chocked full with 10 pages of information...with the goal of making your grocery shopping experience easier.

The 30 Days E-Book is available for $3.99. BUT, (This week only) if you are already a follower of my blog it is half off! $1.98!!!

Also, for this week only if you become a follower of the blog you can also receive the 50% discount!!

I am so excited to be bringing this to you guys and I sincerely hope it saves you time and money. If you're interested in receiving a copy of the 30 Days E-Book just shoot me at email at:



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