Friday, June 22, 2012

What A Deal!

I LOVE finding a good deal. My favorite venues are thrift stores, yard sales and auctions. Below are some items that I've purchased from said venues and some details about each one. Also, I have in the past purchased items of clothing, put them into outfits, and sold them on eBay for a profit...this is why I have a manikin. (I'm sure you were wondering)

This skirt is a size 2P and is from Ann Taylor Loft. I paid $1 for it at a yard-sale

 The jacket is a size 12P Anne Klein and the Cotton shirt underneath is a 10P Charter Club. I paid $1 for each at the thrift store

 I love this jacket and wish it was my size. It is size 4 from Apt. 9 and I splurged and paid $2.50 for it.

I purchased these vases at an auction, $2.00 each.

This vase was originally from Pier 1 but I got it at an auction for $2. It's sucha beautiful purple.

This is a signed print of Burton Parish church, still in the original wrapper and with a certificate of authenticity and explanaiton on the back. Got it at a thrift store for $.50!!

So, I hope you're inspired to get out there and find some good deals.  Now for the giveaway!!!

By sharing a link to this post on your Facebook page (in the status section) you will enter to win a "what can five dollars get you!? Giveaway!!!" Here's how it works....while I'm out yardsaling and thrifting today and tomorrow, I'm limiting myself to $5. Next Friday I am going to post about what I've found and you could win the loot! Now, I've gotten some pretty awesome things at yardsales before for under $5 so you should definitely enter this contest. (Tables, chairs, artwork...) And don't worry, I'll be looking for things that EVERYONE would like (but what the heck, if you don't like it don't worry because its FREE!)

***Update....I just finished my shopping and even I'M impressed! Let me just say, if you love to sew, or are even just interested in beginning to, you will definitely want to enter this giveaway!***

So remember:
  1. Share a link to this page on Facebook
  2. Write a comment on my wall, or on here, or shoot me an email telling me you have shared the page.
  3. You have until Thursday night (midnight) to enter and the winner will be revealed in Friday morning's post. (US residents only please)
  4. Good Luck!

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