Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tissue Paper Pom Poms!

A few weeks ago I hosted a baby shower (onesie party!) For the decor I decided to hang tissue paper pom poms from the ceiling. I love these things! Here are the step by step instructions on how to make these adorable decorations...

  • Tissue Paper (You only need 8 pieces to do one pom pom so I would suggest buying a pack that comes with 8 because it makes it so much easier. Wal-Mart packs come with 8 pieces and they are only $.97 each. This is what I used)
  • Fishing Line 
  • Bread tie

1. Lay your 8 pieces of tissue paper out and smooth out the creases the best you can. 

2.  Fold the tissue paper over in 1 inch strips in an accordion type fold until you've reached the end of the sheet.  (For those of you who don't play the accordion, fold it like those fans we used to make out of paper as kids)

3. Then cut the edges straight across so they are even. Now you can get creative with how you style the edges, I chose to cut out little wedges on the ends, the options are endless.
4. Not tie the middle with an old bread bag tie.
5. Now start pulling the pieces of tissue paper apart, towards the bread tie. You are going to pull the first 4 sheets one way and the last four sheets the other way so that a circle is formed.

6. Once you've pulled all the sheets out, your pom pom should be complete. I chose to hang mine in Lilly's Room as decorations. I did a smaller one in pink (everything was the same I just cut the 8 sheets of tissue paper in half)

 I like to hang them with fishing line because it looks like they're floating in the air.  Above are pictures of the finished product, both in Lilly's room and on the back porch, before the baby shower.

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