Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Food...It's what's for dinner...

Alright so I thought it might be helpful to do a post about food. I know it can be difficult to come up with dinner ideas that aren't the same old same old.  Or dinner ideas that don't rhyme with leanut mutter and belly.

So here we go...

Wednesday: Hawaiian Chicken Kabobs In order to make this happen your gonna need a grill. But they are so good! The marinade is yummy and it's also a healthy option. Maybe you could pair these kabobs with some biscuits or better yet these garlic knots, and you've got yourself a meal.

Thursday:  Grilled Chicken Salad. Use that leftover chicken from the kabobs you had last night and throw it on top of some lettuce. Use the extra cherry tomatoes from the kabobs and throw those on as well. Add some carrots, peas and maybe boil a few eggs and you've got a great salad. Now, I love garlic knots so If I were you I'd just make some more of those and pair it with the salad...but that's just me.

Friday: Fried Rice This is one of my favorite recipes. What's especially great about it is you can use that same chicken you bought for the last two meals. Oh and you'll use the eggs and carrots and peas again too. Oh and while it calls for bean sprouts and green onions I don't usually use them and its still super awesome.

Saturday: Egg Salad Sandwiches It's summer time! There's nothing wrong with keeping it simple. What's great about this recipe is two things...It uses the rest of the eggs that you didn't use AND you probably have most of the other ingrediants in your cabinet already. Now, in the spirit of summertime I would cut up an apple to go with these sandwiches and add some potato chips. It'll be like 1952 all over again. 

 Sunday: Chicken Enchiladas Time for Some Mexican! A simple recipe that once again uses the 20 lbs of chicken you will have bought at the beginning of the week ;) (Also, I want to point out that this was the first time that I've included cheese in this meal plan. For those who know me...this is unbelievable.

Monday: Crock Pot Chicken with black beans This meal is great for your long days becuase it literally takes about 5 minutes to prepare and when you get home its done...and its super healthy. Instead of using cream cheese I use sour cream (Fat free) and I serve it over tortilla chips so its more of a taco salad. (Notice that it uses the chicken you bought) And you can throw some cheese on it that is left over from last nights meal)

Tuesday: Meatloaf While this recipe doesn't really use any of the ingredients from the previous recipes you can use the rest of the onion from the fried rice meal. But that's ok because its just good (*tip* make some extra sauce, its the best part...also, serve with green beans and mashed potatoes for the perfect meal.

Hope y'all find this helpful in planning your meals for the next week. All the recipes came from Food.Com. It's such a great site because you can save your favorite recipes to online cookbooks and you no longer need to rifle through a million cookbooks in an attempt to find that one recipe you thought you remember from about 3 years ago that might have had a smudge in the left corner...

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