Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Where is all the Fabric?!

I don't know ab!ut you but I feel like the local fabric stores are seriously lacking in quality, cute fabric. Here is Hampton Roads we are pretty much stuck with Joann's Fabric which has a very limited selection and not a lot of change from season to season. I was in there yesterday and saw some fabric that I purchased TWO YEARS AGO...it was the same price too, not on sale. This must be where Forever 21 gets their marketing model...

So, I've found a wonderful fabric company online that has some adorable stuff; Raspberry Creek Fabrics Click on the link and check them out, some of my favorite fabrics that they have include  the lantern flower print in zen grey and the Mingle Leaf Stripe in Pink 

I'm hoping to use Raspberry Creek Fabrics in some projects in the near future and hope you enjoy looking at their site.

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