Sunday, June 10, 2012

Weekend Update

What a great weekend!

Friday...Our goal was to have the whole yard completely finished by Saturday (yesterday) and let me just say that John totally held up his end of the deal. He finished the (450 square feet!!) patio and it looks amazing. We also finished planting new shrubs in the front yard and created/mulched two new beautiful flower beds. I stained the porch floor and re-decorated it so that it was all ready for the summer. We got a new grill and new patio furniture for our patio and it all looks amazing. The final step was the sod. Due to all the rain we've had in the past two weeks our sod guy was behind. He got the front yard done and the side yard and half of the back yard...but it wasn't all completed. I really wanted it all done but understood there just wasn't any way. Poor John tried everything he could...including:
1. Offering to install the sod for the guy if he would just drop it off.
2. Offering to paint the dirt outside green to hopefully blend in with the rest of the sod.
3. Offering to pay the sod guy an additional $500 if he could just get it here in time for the baby shower we had on Saturday morning.

But unfortunately, there just wasn't any sod to be had. Hopefully though we'll have it tomorrow.

The front yard looks amazing though!!! (See picture below)

So, I spent Friday afternoon getting ready for the shower and then Lindsey and RACHEL came over and helped me cut out appliques that we used the next day for the shower.
Saturday started bright and early with shower prep and then we had the shower at 10:00. It was wonderful. We love you Jesse! And we love baby Flo!

My parents came over for dinner Saturday night and it was great to catch up with them.

On Sunday, we went to church, went to Five Guys for lunch, played in the fountain at Towne Center with Lilly for a few minutes and deep cleaned the house in the evening.

How was your weekend?

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