Thursday, June 7, 2012

Lilly Thursday

So, Lilly had a stuffy nose for a few days which I thought might be contributing to her waking up at night so we got a humidifier. I do think it has been helping. For the most part she seems to be sleeping better. Another benefit is that its unintentionally a noise-cancelling machine. The upstairs of our 30 year old house has wood floors, that tend to creek. Normally in the mornings its like that scene from Get Smart where Steve Carell is trying to not get hit by the lasers but he has a mouse climbing on him. Well, there's no mouse but I jump around the upstairs in an attempt to not step on the creaky areas...

Now its not that big of a deal because I think the sound of the humidifier drowns out the sound of the creaky floor. Icing on the cake.

In other news, she's found her voice this week. She thinks its funny to babble loudly/scream. Sometimes its cute and funny, sometimes it's not (Like in the middle of the library)

Oh and she thinks sneezing is the funniest thing. Every time she does it she laughs.

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