Sunday, June 10, 2012

Onesie Party!

 How to Throw A Onesie Party!!!

So when our good friend Jesse found out she was having a baby girl Lindsey and I of course had to throw her a shower. We tend to dislike the "shower games" that are always played over and over and so we tried to come up with something different. Since every little girl needs onesies and you really can never have enough of them we decided to throw her a "Onesie Party" Below you can find instructions on how to have your own Onesie Party. (While this is definitely a great idea for making onesies I'm thinking it could also be altered to make a quilt)

Materials Needed:

1. Thermoweb Iron-On Adhesive (Pictured Below): The package below is 10 yards, which is PLENTY. It is $12 at JoAnn Fabric and if you use a coupon you can get it for about $7.20.

2. Scraps of Fabric: Lindsey and I had a number of scraps left over from sewing projects we've done throughout the year but I also bought two 1/4 yards of fabric just to make sure we had enough. A 1/4 yard of fabric will run you about $.75 and you can easily get away with maybe six-eight different types which will provide you plenty of options. So, assuming you don't have any fabric scraps, you're looking at about  $5.25 for fabric.

3. Onesies: Now, we're pretty frugal so some of our onesies came from yard sales but the ones that we purchased new are $2 a piece (Wal-Mart and Target) I think its fun to do two onesies per person because the whole process doesn't take very long so there'll be plenty of time. Assuming you have fifteen people attending your shower, and you purchase all your onesies new...the onesies will run you about $60. (If you purchase all your onesies from yard-sales they will run you about $8.00, $.25 each. I highly recommend this option)

4. Scissors (two pairs)

5. Two Irons

6. Ironing board

7. Pen

We printed off a few pictures ahead of time and cut out the different shapes in different materials, so the ladies would have multiple options. I googled the images I wanted (heart, flower, elephant, bird, butterfly) and then was able to  print off the images I liked best and use those as templates that I sketched onto the fabric. Before you sketch you need to follow the instructions on the Adhesive. 

The adhesive has two sides, a side with paper and side without paper. You will place your material (front up) onto the side without paper and then iron the front of the material. When your done you'll have a piece of material and the back will be paper. You then sketch you design onto the paper side and then cut the design out (Keep in mind that if you're image is not symmetrical you will need to trace it so that when flipped over it isn't backwards) If you have fifteen women at your shower you should make about 30-40 images, ranging in different pictures and different materials. You want the women to have options. 

On the day of the shower each lady chooses a onesie and a image (heart, elephant etc). All they need to do is peel the paper off the back of the image and place it on the onesie where they want it to go. Then they iron it down for about 30 seconds and VOILA! It's done. 

We did save some scraps of material with the adhesive already applied so that the ladies could cut out there own shapes if they so choose. I call this a "creativity buffet" Some women may want to get super creative while others just enjoy chatting and ironing.

So, for the total cost of about $20 you can have your own Onesie Party! As I mentioned earlier I bet this concept would work great with a quilt as well. Everyone could get a square instead of a onesie. I would love to try that for the next baby shower I host :) Below are some pictures of our finished onesies, we made 25.


  1. What a GREAT idea!

    P.S. If I have a girl next, you can host my baby shower. :~D

  2. This 'next' you speak this like in a few months? A few years?

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