Friday, June 1, 2012

Five People You a Greek Festival

Just got back from the Greek festival and had a good time, despite the fact that we went during a torrential downpour/tornado. I had never been before (I know, I've lived in Hampton Roads for 25 years and this was my first time going, crazy right). So if you've never been then you're in luck! Because below you will get a good re-cap of the different types of people you'll meet at a Greek Festival.

1. Friends! - We met a group of about 10 other people there and it made it so much more fun. It's good to have good friends.

2. The Announcer/DJ - I'm not sure if this is the correct title for this person but I'm referring to the individual who stands on the stage and introduces the dance groups as they perform. Since we're dealing with a Greek Festival, said person is of course Greek. He is also a man of many talents because he'll switch from introductions to announcements faster than you can say "Ompa!"

"The next group of wonderful dancers is coming to us from Maryland, and by the way...don't forget to check out our baklava over at the table with Nick...or the Gyros at the table with Nick!"

3. Vendors - So there are vendors at this festival selling all sorts of crazy things from jewelry to Greek hats to demonic looking rain sticks to children's dance costumes. Some things were not bad looking but other things (think leopard print men's hat) were somewhat questionable. Regardless, its a fun experience.

4. The Dancers: Kind of entertaining and definitely some interesting costumes were being worn. I did learn that most of the dances were group things-like in a circle, which coincides with all my other Greek experiences (ie: The one time I watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding) Its very dis-similar to line dancing, which I'm more familiar with.

5. Other Attendees - There are so many different people who come! well actually they can be broken up into two groups-the Greeks and the non-Greeks. The non Greeks basically look like the Greeks except they don't have name-tags and there names aren't Nick(i).

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