Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lilly Thursday...Food!

So Lilly has started eating food! She prefers people food from the table but she's doing ok with baby food, though its touch and go...One meal she'll almost finish a jar of squash (her favorite) and the next she reacts like I'm trying to feed her cotton balls.

We're definitely making progress though which is awesome. I can see the future and it no longer includes an image of Lilly going off to college drinking a bottle.

Another development this week is Lilly's discovery of her tongue. I actually googled "my 8th month old sticks out her tongue a lot" because I was kind of concerned...but apparently its a common stage. When her pacifier isn't in then she has her tongue hanging out. Michael Jordan always played with his tongue out... so the way I see it is she is destined for greatness.

Its so exciting to see her developing and learning and she's such a great kid. This week John and I were basically outside all week working on the yard. I also cleaned, re-decorated, and stained the porch (pictures to come later) and she would just sit in her pack-n-play for about an hour each day playing quietly. We sure are blessed!

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  1. What a cute kid! I wonder if the food aversion has something to do with the texture, smell or the taste. Hopefully she will be an adventurous eater as she grows up. I think it's important to expose kids to a wide variety of foods so they don't think the food world is limited to McDondalds and Chick-Fila.

    I think her playing by herself is so nice. It gives you the freedom to get work done without having to entertain her the whole time.