Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Easiest Dress Ever!!

So yesterday, while browsing around Hancock Fabrics I came across the below fabric.

The fabric is smocked at the top making it super stretchy. Normally I would have walked right past except it was on sale for $2.97 a yard!!

So I picked up one yard which was plenty. I held it around my waste and cut off the excess that I didn't need. At first I measured around my hips but that will make it too big. Since it is so stretchy you need to measure small. So once I cut the fabric I turned it inside out, pinned the two ends together and sewed it up. And that's it! All you need it one seem!!

So, for under $3 I made myself a new skirt (and it's such a versatile fabric it can be turned into a dress as well) See the below pictures. Go by Hancock Fabric this week for some good deals. Most fabric in the store is on sale! Also, if you'd like one of these dresses but aren't able to make one let me know and we can work something out.

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