Wednesday, August 10, 2011

How Pregancy relates to going off to college...

So remember when you were getting ready to go off to college and you were super excited to "be on your own" and "try new things" and "experiment". (For those parental figures of mine reading this...I didn't really do any of that, but I hear that most people do get excited about those things.) Keep in mind that I went to a private Christian school with a graduating class of 16. The college I went to was within 20 miles of my parents house. So, I wasn't really "on my own", and my attempt at trying new things really just meant being able to say crap, or wear boots without getting detention.

Anywho...I think there is a serious parallel between that experience and what I'm feeling about the pending end of my pregnancy. I'm very anxiously awaiting the day when I can do the following:

1. Ride on a roller coaster
2. Eat non-pasturized cheeses (this is a HUGE one for me, when I pass the cheese isle in Costco I want to cry)
3. Drink alcohol. It's summer and every time I go to the grocery store I see the Mikes Hard Pink Lemonade, and want it soo bad. Now I'm not really a huge alcohol person, I think it's just the thought of seeing something I can't have that draws me to it...
4. Go to the gym and work out a lot.  Hahaha. Just kidding, just wanted to catch everyone off guard.
5. Get a tattoo...well not really, but maybe...the reasoning behind this one is kind of similar to #3.

So these are a few things I've been day dreaming about in my spare time, I'm sure after reading this that you too can see the parallel between going off to college and having a baby, basically their identical.

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  1. 1. The roller coaster thing was so sad for me last summer. I was in my first trimester, and we were in Kentucky for our denomination's national youth conference. The big event one day was supposed to be Six Flags, and I spent the week before moping that I wouldn't "get to do anything." :~)

    3. I totally hear you on wanting what I can't have! When I was pregnant, I just wanted blue cheese dressing with my hot wings (which I NEVER get) and the spicy Italian sub at Subway (which I also NEVER get). :~)

    4. I laughed at your gym comment.