Friday, July 8, 2011

Compatibility in Marriage

So, I had this dream last night where I was discussing with some friends what makes a marriage compatible. I'm also reading Jane Eyre for Book Club and so I've been thinking about this topic a lot lately.

What makes two  people compatible for one another? I have held the belief for a long time that attraction is not a necessity for a successful marriage. While it certainly is a bonus to have (and before anyone freaks out, we definitely have it in our marriage) I don't think your marriage's success depends on whether or not you are physically attracted to each other. Attraction is fleeting, in the same way that no one wants to buy the Wii anymore (but a few years ago it was flying off the shelves), looks change, people get older, look different, and there's always going to be something, or someone, new and better looking. Because of this, if you decide to build a marriage on that fleeting butterflies-in-your-stomach feeling than your in for a rude awakening in a few years.

I work for a great company, this company has two equal partners who decided to go into business together. One is an outgoing friendly people person. He loves creating relationships with people and knows anything there is to know about building houses. The other is an attorney and loves numbers. He is a master at making sure the I's are dotted and the T's are crossed. Together they make a great team, apart they are both lacking. This is kind of how I view marriage. Your partner needs to make up for the things that you are lacking in (the strengths and weaknesses of your personality, character etc) and vise-versa. Obviously the two partners of my company do not love each other as two people in a marriage do, but as far as the business works-they are certainly compatible.

I am not discounting passion or romance, I think those things are vitally important, but I don't think that they are what you should build your relationship on because they are most definitely fleeting.

I'd love to hear your thoughts?

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