Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What's going on with us right now?

Life is busy in the Ralls' house these days, here are a few things going on:

1. Our bathroom is almost finished. Hopefully I'll be posting pictures of the completed product sometime this week. It looks great though...no more teal explosion when you walk in! I am super excited about taking a bath in my deep jetted tub :)

2. Little Lillian is growing! This weekend we were able to see her kick and not just feel it so that was exciting.

3. I'm thinking of having a yard-sale this Saturday so everyone should stop by!

4. We had a great weekend but of course I'm exhausted. It was so hot! I got a lot done in the baby's room though and that's been really fun. Unfortunately I've reached the point where sleeping is difficult. Last night I just couldn't go to sleep (and it wasn't because I wasn't tired). We went to bed at 10:15 and I didn't fall asleep until 12:00! I went downstairs and cleaned the kitchen in the meantime...what do y'all do when you can't sleep?


  1. What time is this super awesome yard sale going to be? I don't bargain well so be kind. When I can't sleep- I pray that God in His mercy would allow me to go to sleep, to get the rest I need and sleep deep. And I read.

  2. Well, apparently we won't be having the yard sale this weekend. John leaves Sunday morning for two weeks in CA (at 4:00 AM) so he said he'd rather do it when he got back...I'll keep you posted :)