Thursday, May 19, 2011

This Week

So far this week has been very busy...and it's only Thursday! Here are some highlights:

1. Monday: Our women's ministry event this month at church was "The Resourceful Women" and I gave a presentation on money saving ideas. I think it went pretty well. I was kind of nervous but by the time I actually needed to get up and speak I was fine-God is cool like that.
2. Monday: That reminds me... I love my church! PCC really is an excellent church filled with excellent people (and since a church IS the people...I realize I just repeated myself there). I love how mission minded PCC is, and how our team of pastors aren't afraid to challenge us when they speak.
3. Tuesday: I went over to my parents for dinner which was nice. (Fish and Grits which is my all time favorite). My mom and I went through my old baby stuff which was fun.
4. Wednesday: I had my monthly OB appointment and heard the heartbeat. That always makes me feel better. I know I could get one of those machines where I could hear it at home but I'm pretty sure I would just go crazy with it-I know myself enough to recognize that I have that type of personality.
4. Wednesday: We finally picked a name! Lillian Elizabeth Ralls. I wanted John to have a say in the name picking and he came up with it. I originally mentioned Lilly and he liked it but thought Lillian was a more formal option in case when she was older she wanted to be more formal. Also, he liked Elizabeth so that he could call her Lilly Beth if he wanted. (And I like that idea because it sounds so southern :) )

That's all for now :)

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