Monday, June 20, 2011

What's new with us?

So, John's been on reserve duty for two weeks, he just got home Friday night and its so good to have him back! Yes, things stay cleaner and more organized when its just me around here but I'd much rather have him at home :)

Yesterday was father's day and we had a great day. I have a great dad and I know John will be a great dad too, it was fun to celebrate with both of them.

Yesterday also happened to be John's birthday. We went over to Adam and Lindsey's house last night for dinner and she made John all of his favorite things: Chicken, broccolli, mashed potatoes and amazing ice-cream brownie cupcakes. It's great to have such great friends and family who care so much about John. We are very blessed.

We also got our crib up this weekend and the wall mural I purchased from Uppercase Living. We're waiting on the mattress and I need to decide what I want to do about a rug, but other than that the room is just about complete. I will be posting photos soon.  Once we finished putting the crib together and moved it into place I thought, "Woah! This is really happening!" There's something about the crib that makes it seem so real.

Speaking of that, I was telling Lindsey last night that (who is due in less than 2 weeks!!) that I am associating this time in our lives with summer coming to an end. When summer ends I find myself excited about the autumn leaves, Thanksgiving, cooler temperatures and changing out my wardrobe, eating soup and chili more...etc...but at the same time I want to cling to those long summer days and am sad to see them go. I'm so excited for our families to grow but I also know that this special time in our lives is going to end and a new season is beginning. I'm feeling both nostalgic and anticipatory about the future.

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