Friday, March 18, 2011

Mind Dump

1. Today was a beautiful day. I loved it, but it made it very difficult to work. I came straight home and sat on the porch, it was great.
2. Our cat, Dale, loves Chick-Fil-A. He'll do anything to get into a bag of nuggets or a box with a chicken salad sandwich in it. This is weird because ordinarily he doesn't really care if your eating, he has no interest in anything except chick-fil-a.
3. Texas Roadhouse is such a great restaurant, we always have great service there and I like how they have their own song. I think until you have your own song, you haven't really arrived as a restaurant.
4. Tomorrow there are a few really good sales going on specifically for maternity and baby items/clothes. I think I'm going to go to them but feel like I need a game plan before going. I mean, if I see a great stroller for a good deal should I get it, or should I wait and register for it...I think I'll probably just get it.
5. I never realized how huge March Madness was but it seems like everyone is involved, I feel like I should be in on it too...
6. I'm so glad it's the weekend!


  1. 1. It was a beautiful day outside. Love this weather.
    2. Who doesn't love Chick-Fil-A??
    3. I think Chick-Fil-A needs a I'm writing this I think of comedian Tim Hawkin's tribute to that great chicken place.
    4. Register for it.
    5. I played my first ever NCAA bracket last year. This year. I have two. It takes me about 5 minutes to fill mine out.
    6. Soooo glad it's the weekend. It was a long week.

  2. If the stroller is in brand new or in excellent condition and less than $75-$100, you should get it. There are plenty of other pricey things that people who would buy you the bigger items normally (i.e. parents) can get you, like pack-n-play, crib, etc.

    Feel free to call or text with any questions while you're out tomorrow! It's all very fresh in my mind, ha ha.