Monday, March 14, 2011

The Dentist

So today I went to the dentist, there's nothing enjoyable about the dentist. While sitting there I had a few thoughts though:

1. There are only a few careers that allow you to get paid AND watch TV all day, the only ones I can think of are the dentist and if you work at a Salon. This is a nice perk for having to look into people's mouths all day I suppose.
2. I don't particularly care for hair stylists who try to talk to me but it's even weirder when your dental hygienist tries to strike up a conversation with you while she's in the process of holding your mouth open really wide.  Are you really supposed to respond? What's the purpose behind this?
3. This is kind of off topic but so many people have asked me, after I tell them I'm pregnant, whether or not we were trying. It make sense for your friends and family to ask you this but today the dental hygienist asked me and it made me think...what if we hadn't been trying and I was really kind of upset/nervous about the pregnancy? In that case is would have been pretty awkward. I have no plans to ask complete strangers this question in the future.
4. I will also not be asking them how much they weigh now, how much weight they've gained so far, or how much they weighed prior to being pregnant. People are funny :)

I realize I'm still pretty early on in this process so maybe I'll start making up hilarious stories so that when strangers come up to me I'm prepared with a funny anecdote...ideas would be appreciated :)

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  1. Oh, Lindsey. There will be SO MANY (sometimes utterly stupid) questions and other dumb things that people ask you/say that you will think, "I am never going to say that to a pregnant woman."

    Did we tell you how, when people asked us if we knew what we were having, Nich would respond, "A turtle"? :~)