Friday, February 4, 2011

This is the day that the Lord has Made....I will rejoice

Last night, around 8:20, my friend Kerry was wheeled back to begin her multiple organ surgery (double lung, liver and pancreas). She has cystic fibrosis and has been in North Carolina at Duke awaiting a donor now since late August. After fifteen hours, the surgery was completed and she is now recovering. While the recovery process will most likely take a few months there is no doubt that this day was one that has been long awaited by Kerry and her family. The Harrington/Baumann family has done an excellent job over the past 24 hours of keeping us updated and throughout the day it was such as blessing to see facebook updates, PCC email alerts, and phone calls from Ben. There was definitely a spirit of awe and amazing, and of praising God throughout the day among our church family. Ben and Kerry, and the Harrington family as a whole, are some of the most courageous, humble, and brave individuals I know. I am so proud to have been able to learn so much from them this during this journey. It always amazes me how at the forefront of Kerry's mind is the family of the donor from whom she received her organs. I know if I were in her situation I wouldn't have been this thoughtful or self-less. But, that's Kerry. Our prayers are with you, and with Ben. We love you guys so much and are so happy for you!

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