Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The mirror of Erised

In my book club we are just finishing the first Harry Potter book. Last night we had a discussion about the mirror of Erised (Desire) that Harry looks into. For those who don't know, the mirror reflects what the person looking into it most desires. For Harry he saw his family, who he had never met. Harry's friend Ron saw success and attention, something he didn't receive because he was part of such a large family.  So, this got me thinking...if there were such a thing as a mirror of desire, what would I see? I think I would see the future, my family in friends all safe, healthy, and content. And, lets be honest...there would probably be some material possessions in there, since a certain amount of security is found in those (not that it should be...but it is) But I think mostly I would just want to know everyone I care about lives a long and healthy life. What about you?

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