Monday, November 2, 2015

So, what is it you do?

So, it's come to my attention that people still don't really know what I I thought I'd try to provide a little more info on that.

Here we go.

Up until this summer I was a Realtor. I have been working on and off in real estate since I was 18 and I really did enjoy it. But, my heart wasn't in it anymore and it was a difficult job to do with little ones so over the summer I put my real estate license into referral and started a new venture.

I created a company called Carriage House Lane. CHL is a direct sales company that specializes in unique and modern women's jewelry and accessories. Most of our items are made in the US by small (women owned) businesses. I spent a long time finding a good mix of products that I fell in love with and created our first Lookbook (Fall/Winter 2015). We have a great mix of modern and traditional jewelry and scarves and I'm very proud of our initial product line.

As a direct sales company, CHL sells our products through a variety of venues. We have an online website and also sell through online or in-home Trunk Shows. Our hosts have the opportunity to receive free products when they host these shows. 

We also have Ambassadors. Ambassadors are our representatives and receive commission on all the products they sell. This is a great opportunity for those women who want to work from home. It is a flexible and fun career!

For those who are wondering how they can be involved here are a few ways:

1. Host a show! Host a party in your home or even through FB (all you need to do is invite some of your Facebook friends and you get to take home free jewelry and accessories!)

2. Spread the word! Talk about us to people you meet, and share our posts on your Facebook page. Since we've only been around for a few months we are still trying desperately to get the word out!

3. Help us Brainstorm! Right now, I am trying to get our products into a few small boutiques (or larger ones as well) I would also love to partner with a few schools and use our products for their next fundraiser. If you know of a school or corporation who is looking to do a fundraiser please let me know. We give 25% of all product sales back to the organization to help with their fundraiser! Let me know who you know who might be interested in that (your school band? sports team?)

4. Pray! We have a few applications floating around out there with some larger corporations and I would love to see those turn into something solid. I am also in the process of putting together our Spring Line and would love prayer for that as well. I want to choose products that are unique and will do well.

And of course, if you have any other questions please let me know! 

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