Tuesday, October 27, 2015

I'm back!

So, it's been a while! Sometimes I think we all go through periods in life where we might feel like we have nothing to say. Or at least nothing to say that other people might want to read. But it's also good to keep writing...I enjoy the process whether or not it's read by the masses. All of that to say, I'm going to be trying to post on here more regularly-hopefully a few times a week but I make no promises.

Today's post is inspired by the upcoming Christmas season...it's coming y'all! Like most of you reading this, we are blessed to consider ourselves the middle class of America. That being said, our kids quite honestly don't NEED another thing. We do enjoy giving them gifts and I love the Christmas season in general but I don't want to just buy then something because I've got a quota to meet. I've been thinking though, about what I can get them this year that won't just be another thing they don't play with once February rolls around. 

Because Pinterest is amazing and not at all a waste of time and energy...I've been browsing that site for a few ideas and here are some great ones that have inspired me a bit...

First Up: Handmade fishing pole and fish! I actually have a friend who made something similar to this last year for her kids and it has been a big hit. I also love the fact that both parents can contribute to this finished product. You can purchase the items pretty inexpensively and the end result with be something very cute and one of a kind. I think it would also be fun to have a few more sea creature options besides just fish...maybe make a few fish, a crab, a shark, etc...

Another good idea is this Hopscotch Mat. I think this one looks easy enough for beginner sewers and the kids will love to jump around on it too!

3.  I love this drum set! So cute and easy. I think I will definitely attempt this one this year. The color and size options are endless!! 

So now you have a few cute ideas to get the wheels turning in that brain of yours. What are some fun gifts you've made for you kids?

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