Monday, October 6, 2014

"Just Like Old Times"

This weekend, we went to the mountains with some friends of ours that we've been friends with for a long time. We'll call them, "The Williams". We will call them this, because that is their name.

Before having kids we vacationed with these friends a lot. Weekend trips to the lake, mountains, or beach happened a lot during the year...with the occasional week long trip to somewhere further away. Since having kids...we've seen a lot less of each other and our trip taking has most definitely gone by the wayside.

But, we wanted them to see our mountain house before it sells so we invited them along for the weekend. At one point my husband made the comment that "it was just like old times." Which spurred this post...which I'll call:

"Just Like Old Times...Except We Have Kids"

The house we have is located on a resort. There is also a waterpark on this resort and one evening we took all four kids to the water park.

Let's set the stage.
                             No one had napped.
                                                             Enough said.

The three year olds (who are the oldest) were too scared to go on any of the slides. Of course they were fine sitting in the 1 foot deep kiddie pool but us parents felt the need to push them to do more. At one point I might have said something along the lines of;

"You will go on the lazy river with us or you're getting a spanking!"

Mom of the year award. Right here folks.

At one point, all the kids were crying and I looked over at my friend and said, "Well at least we paid good money for them to be this miserable"

I kid I kid. They did have some fun and left claiming they loved the water park...but things definitely change once kids come into the picture. None of us parents went on one single ride. We were either too tired or afraid of hurting our backs...

Later that night, after all the kiddos were asleep we all settled down to watch a movie. Fifteen minutes in both guys were asleep and Lindsey and I were left watching "Guardians of the Galaxy" by ourselves. They chose the movie.

(I recall one pre-kid vacation where we spent an entire day watching reruns of the office)

Of course we turned it off and instead spent the time catching up...until Charlotte started crying and I left to feed her.

It's a crazy, hectic stage of life but of course we wouldn't change it for the world. While we don't have the time to relax like we used to...we do have four cute kids that keep us laughing most of the time. I'll leave you with some pictures of these adorable kiddos that we couldn't imagine life without.

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