Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Best Baby Shower Gift Combo

I purchased the following fabric from Fabricworm. It is Jay-Cyn designs for birch fabrics. It's organic cotton so it's super soft.

I purchased a half yard of each fabric. This gave me enough fabric to make a blanket and three burp cloths (see the burp cloth tutorial here)

There are a number of tutorials for minky blankets on pinterest, here is a good one to use.  I decided to make it a patchwork blanket on the one side, and I used white minky material on the other.

I also added some batting in the middle to make it thicker and warmer. It's a great blanket for the crib, or the car seat, or just about anything. If you'd like a set of your own, let me know, the cost for the set is $65.00, if there's other fabric you'd like to use, I can do that as well :)

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