Saturday, February 15, 2014

How to save the most with Kohl's

I love shopping. I also love saving money! A few times a year Kohl's gives you some great opportunities to do both of these things. I am usually not an advocate of getting store credit cards, but I made an exception with Kohl's. Twelve times a year they offer special discounts to those that have the store credit cards. So, as long as you treat the credit card like cash (pay it off immediately and don't rack up any interest) you can really save some money.

If you shop online now through the 19th you can save some serious dough. Here are five steps to make that happen:

Step 1: Sign up for the store's credit card

Step 2:  After you have a credit card you are able to use the code LOVE30 at checkout. This will give you 30% off your total purchase at checkout!

Step 3: There is an additional deal they have going on right now where you can get $10 off your $30 purchase if you use the code TENBUCKS. (ends the 19th of Feb)

Step 4: Spend at least $75. If you spend $75 or more you will get free shipping. Otherwise you'll have to pay for shipping which is no fun. There is a code during the month of February that allows for free shipping on anything (SHIP4UFEB) but unfortunately will only allow you to put in two promo codes. So, if you use the two mentioned above you won't be able to get free shipping also.

Step 5: Now this is if you really want to go above and beyond. Go to Ebay and type in Kohl's Merchandise Credit. People who have received a store credit will frequently sell them on ebay at a discount. I just purchased one worth $56.64 and only paid $47.03. It will usually ship to your house in 3-4 days and shipping is almost always free.
So, here's an example of the deal you can get when you put all these things together:

Buy some awesome stuff you love that comes to over $75. For this example I picked the Keurig B60 which is on sale for $150 this week.

When checking out, choose "Kohl's Credit Card" as your payment option and enter the required information. Then, in the section labeled "promo codes" use: TENBUCKS and LOVE30.

Now, if you stop here, your total (before tax) comes to $97.99. a 35% savings!

If you decide to use step 5 as well and purchased a merchandise credit or gift card. You would enter that in the gift card section. This will take another $9 (or more because you could purchase multiple ones) off your total, bringing you before tax total down to $88.99, which is a 40% savings!

But wait, there's more! Haha. You will also get $10 for every $50 you spend (this is only through Feb 17th). So, in this case you would receive $10, but if you were to spend $100 or more then you would get $20 back. You can either use this as free money at the store or sell it on ebay at a discount.

So you basically have the opportunity to save between 35-50% right now at Kohl's. While I don't suggest shopping just to shop, if there is something specific that you need and you were holding out for a is the time!

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