Friday, January 3, 2014

Get Organized in 2014!

So yesterday was about staying on budget during 2014, today is about getting organized! Below are some great, simple ideas to start getting yourself and your home organized for the new year.

1. Untangle Your Jewelry: Jewelry is one area where we often don't know what we have because it's all tangled. If it were organized, we'd certainly where it more right? Look at this cute idea for organizing your jewelry with a peg board.

2. Shoes: Often times our foyers can be a catch all for our shoes, look at this great way to organize your shoes!

3. Pantry: Just like with our jewelry, we often don't know what food we have because it's so disorganized! I love the photo below. Anyone can do this by picking up a few bins and baskets.

4. Laundry: I know my washer and dryer end up being a catch all for everything I don't know where else to put. Look at this organized laundry room! This looks easy enough to replicated, and not too expensive!

5. Kid's Books: This is one that I will actually be implementing within the next week or so. I went to IKEA and picked up these "spice racks" for $3.99 each! I will be using them to store all the girl's books, just like in the picture below.

Now, what are you still doing reading this blog?! Get out there and get organized!

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