Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Our Busy Weekend

This past weekend was very busy for us. We began around 7:00 AM on Saturday, and drove to Massanutten to pick up our house keys and HOA passes! Then we drove about 1 1/2 to Buena Vista, VA to attend John's Grandma's 100th birthday party! What an accomplishment...100 years!

The party lasted for a few hours and around 3:30 we left to head back to Massanutten. We took some measurements and then drove to Lowes in Harrisonburg to purchase some things for the house. We drove back to Massanutten-dropped off the items, and then back to Harrisonburg to the hotel where we all slept soundly.

On Sunday morning we got to the house around 9:00 and started working. My task for the day was to tackle the dining room. The original color was a very dark "caution-sign" yellow. I painted it a lighter yellow which brightened up the space, as well as made it appear larger. I also spent a lot of time cleaning the room. The entire house is FILTHY so a good cleaning went a long way. Finally, I touched up the white trim.

It feels so good to have one whole room completed! While I did that, John installed a new (clean!) toilet in the bathroom, installed new door locks and fixed the ridge vent on the roof, which was missing. 

We left the house around 6:00 and got home around 10 pm. It was an exhausting weekend but we accomplished a lot. We are hoping to visit again around labor day and accomplish some more.

Below are some before and after photos

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