Friday, April 5, 2013

A pillow case dress for grownups

Remember how I have about 100 yards of knit fabric sitting in my closet? Sure you do. Well, after making the pillow case dress for Lilly I decided to make one for myself...but with knit.

I started out the same way I would make a pillow case dress-folding the fabric in half lengthwise and then cutting out the arm holes. Next, I hemmed the top, leaving a large enough space for the "ribbon". Except where I would normally use ribbon I used a doubly thick strip of the same material. I fed it through the casing and then sewed the two ends together (no bows). I cut another strip and cut the edges with pinking shears (to spice it up a little) and used that as the belt.

Total Time: 30 minutes

I Love It.



  1. Very cute! How did you decide how wide it needed to be? Thanks!

  2. Thanks, Lindsey. I'm going to try this. I haven't sewn in years.