Thursday, January 24, 2013 it for a year or a $50 visa gift card!

Remember E-Meals? The site that sends you 7 recipes a week, including a shopping list! Oh, and you can choose your recipes based on your style of eating!

Well, right now they have a giveaway going on!

Click this link to like them on facebook and register to win 1 of 2 prices:

  1. Free E-Meals subscription for a year
  2. $50 Visa Gift Card!

 emeals giveaway

Just as a reminder, below are the different meal plans they have available:

1. Classic Meals
2. Clean Eating
3. Simple Gourmet (My Choice!)
4. Paleo
5. Low Carb
6. Low Fat
7. Portion Control
8. Natural and Organic
9. Gluten Free
10. Vegetarian 

So there's something for everyone, now go enter that contest!

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