Friday, January 11, 2013

Crazy, Busy, ready to be over it week

Do you ever have those weeks that never end? This is just that kind of week for me. I feel like we should already be into February or something based on the speed that this week is moving...

First of all, I think that starting back to work on a Wednesday last week didn't help. It took about 3 seconds for the "three day week" to become my norm and now this "5 day week" business is just unacceptable.

Second of all, I have lost all form of craftiness/inspiration/mojo. Yesterday morning was the only time all week I had set aside for sewing/crafting (you can probably tell this by the HUGE lack of posts on the blog this week). I had all my sewing stuff out and was ready to go. The house was clean and I was excited to get some stuff done. First, I thought I'd attempt some smocking, which I'd done before and it turned out wonderfully. Did it work this time? No. After an hour of trying I moved on.

I then tried a few other things, all of which failed as well. The morning ended and I had nothing created and felt like I'd wasted a huge amount of time :( I have all of these ideas/projects in my head but not enough time to work on them.

Finally, tomorrow is my Birthday. I feel like people with birthday's at the beginning of the year are hit with a double dose of anxiety when it comes to resolution time. Not only are you excited to begin a new year and make it bigger and better than last year but you're also wanting to make YOUR year (whether it be 22, 37, 143) better than the previous year. This week has been consume with thoughts like "what did I accomplish as a 25 year old...what do I still have time to accomplish as a 26 year old?! Now, in all honestly I freely admit that I'm a tad dramatic about all this. I realize that life goes on after turning 27 but I also kind of feel like I need to get it all in now because I'm getting old.

Well...thanks for reading my vent session. You're lucky because I would continue this post but because of the time am forced to go wake up Lilly...and then go pick up Emmy (in twenty minutes!!)...come up, grab breakfast, go to work, eat a quick lunch on the floor at work-picnic style with the kids, hop in the car and drive to my hair appointment and HOPE HOPE HOPE that they fall asleep during that 10 minute drive.

I'm not really sure how getting highlights with two babies is going to work out but I'll keep you posted.

Have a great weekend!!


  1. WOW! You're brave for going to the hair appointment with two babies! But they seem to be two very content-to-play babies. :) Brennan would have all the shampoo bottles lined up on the floor, spray all the other clients with the spritz bottles ... the craziness is too much to imagine.

    Happy early birthday! 27 will be great! And by the way, you do realize that most of your readers are probably older than you, right? :) I'm turning 30 this year.

    And don't worry. Your crafting mojo will return.

    1. Haha, I ended up not going. They were scheduled to fall asleep but I was afraid they would wake up halfway through, crying...while I was stuck with foil all over my had. That would've not been fun for ANYBODY. I rescheduled for tomorrow :)