Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Yet another maxi dress...

I just can't make enough of these, especially when I have such gorgeous fabric to worth with! This particular fabric was from my sponsor Marie Madeline Studio and it can be found here.

I had a brown knit tank top that I was just too short but was gorgeous other than that. The weight of the fabric on the bottom allowed for it to stretch and now it all works perfectly together.

All I did to make this dress was take two yards of fabric and sew the ends together, creating a tube. (pictured above) Next I replaced my regular bobbin thread with elastic thread and sewed a straight line  around the top of the dress. I pulled the back stitch of that fabric slowly together, causing it to scrunch up.

Finally, when it had scrunched enough so that the width of the fabric was the same as the width of the tank top, I attached the two (front to front) and sewed (still using elastic thread in the bobbin)

Then all I had to do was hem the bottom of the dress and I was done!  I love how long the tank top portion of the dress is. It's different than any I've made before and I think it looks nice that way. What do you think?

Maxi Dress Tutorial DIY

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